Kosze prezentowe i Pudełka na prezent Warszawa

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We are happy to work both with advertising agencies and directly with companies. We are flexible and happy to discuss price reductions for agencies and bulk orders.


Contact us, describing your needs and we will prepare a personalized offer. If you're working with a preset budget and/or quota, tell us. The more information we have, the better we can adjust to your needs.


Sets presented in our shop make up only part of our offer.

Contact us at info@pudelkaprezentowe.pl 

If you are a manufacturer and believe that your products would be a great addition to our offer, contact us. We're happy to work with big retailers and smaller, developing retailers. Together we can create something exceptional.



Podaj swój adres e-mail, jeżeli chcesz otrzymywać informacje o nowościach i promocjach.
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